Print and Copy Management


Gain full control and accountability of the true cost of printing within your organisation. Wastage and misuse are eliminated resulting in dramatic cost savings across any type of organisation. Print and Copy Management helps justify rationalisation and consolidation of print resources and then enforcing a best practice print policy based on rules and restrictions.



The core accounting process captures all network print activity – add-on components enable local printers and photocopiers
to be monitored too. From the central log of transactions, reports can be produced to provide analysis across any scale of
enterprise providing analysis of:
• user activity & potential misuse
• device under/over utilisation
• cost-centre/department grouping
• client output for external billing


Who Needs Pcounter

• Education: schools, colleges, universities, libraries
• Professional services: architects, engineers, designers, legal, accountancy
• Public sector
• Finance & corporate




P-Counter (345Kb)